Friday, October 30, 2009

Soal-soal Latihan

Beberapa soal astronomi sebagai bahan latihan dan diskusi dengan teman2:

  1. If the Earth rotated in the opposite sense (clockwise rather than counterclockwise), how long would the solar day be?
  2. Suppose that the Earth’s pole was perpendicular to its orbit. How would the azimuth of sunrise vary throughout the year? How would the length of day and night vary throughout the year at the equator? at the North and South Poles? where you live?
  3. You are an astronaut on the moon. You look up, and see the Earth in its full phase and on the meridian. What lunar phase do people on Earth observe? What if you saw a first quarter Earth? new Earth? third quarter Earth? Draw a picture showing the geometry.
  4. If a planet always keeps the same side towards the Sun, how many sidereal days are in a year on that planet?
  5. If on a given day, the night is 24 hours long at the North Pole, how long is the night at the South Pole?
  6. On what day of the year are the nights longest at the equator?
  7. From the fact that the Moon takes 29.5 days to complete a full cycle of phases, show that it rises an average of 48 minutes later each night.
  8. What is the ratio of the flux hitting the Moon during the first quarter phase to the flux hitting the Moon near the full phase?
  9. Titan and the Moon have similar escape velocities. Why does Titan have an atmosphere, but the Moon does not?
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