Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soal - soal latihan astronomi 2

Silakan mencoba kedua soal di bawah ini. Soal-soal ini merupakan soal olimpiade astronomi siswa di India.

1. Jayshree claimed that she saw a solar eclipse when the size of the solar disk was 26and that of the lunar disk was 30. She also claimed that at the time of the maximum eclipse, distance between the centres of the two disks was 7. Qualitatively show that she could not have observed a total eclipse. Find the percentage of the solar disk covered at the time of the maximum eclipse.

2. A year in Solar calendar consist of 365.25 days and the same in Lunar calendar consist of 354 days. The additional days in Solar calendar are kept as balance every year. Whenever the number of balance days exceeds 30, an additional month of 30 days is added to the lunar year to offset the difference. The cycle goes on. Anwesh, whose birthday falls on 1st January, noticed that in the year 2008, his birthday coincided with the start of the lunar year. In which earliest future year, his birthday will again coincide with the start of the lunar year?

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